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Queensland Heeler


PAW Patrol News Reporter pup










Reporting news, Hanging out with his friends, food


Hunters, the woods, Santa Claus

Testing, testing 1 2 3!
~ Theo

Theo is the PAW Patrols Journalist and Writer pup. He is a present gen pup and belongs to MidnightCollies.



Theo is a three legged Queensland Heeler with a dark grey saddle, eye patch and spots on his limbs and tail. He has tan markings on his right ear tip, tail tip and hind leg. He has a white muzzle and undercarriage, with a large grey mark over his head.


He wears a blue collar, his uniform is purple coloured, the sleeves and back being a darker purple while the zip and waist are lighter, he also wears a purple beret, his pup peach is also a light purple colour. His pup-tag is a blue microphone on a purple back ground.

Pup Pack Tools

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Notebook


Theo is a complete sweetheart and loves looking out for others. He is very polite and is always mannerly and treats others with the respect they deserve. He looks out for those he is closest with, especially his crush Trina, who means the world to him. Although he is mannerly most of the time he does sometimes have a short fuse and can get angered by little things. He is very daring and loves testing his limits, taking himself out in the biggest storms to report the weather.


When Theo was a pup he lived in Paris, France. He decided to move to adventure bay and travelled there via cargo ship. When he arrived he ran off into the woods, planning on living there instead of in a loud bustling city. Although, Theo was born a big town pup and had no survival instincts at all, not long after he ventured into the woods he stumbled into a hunting zone and wound up getting his back right leg stuck in a bear trap. He was rescued hours later by the hunters who had came to check their traps, they kindly took the distressed pup to the vets. As a result of this incident, Theo now only has three legs, the back one was too damaged to repair and had to be amputated. Even though he is only got three legs, he is still happy as can be and enjoys living in Adventure Bay.

Stories he appears in

Stories by me:

Stories by others:



  • News Flash!
  • Testing, testing 123!

Fun Facts

  • Theo was designed by Lunar Lex.
  • He was created/"born" on the 28th of October 2014.
  • He is dating Trina and loves her more than anything, she's his "amour".
  • He has a french accent and speaks french fluently.
  • He is gets along best with Zuma and Skye.
  • When he was a newborn he had a bad encounter with Santa Claus, which has left him scared of the jolly man ever since. As he and his mother lay in their bed beside the tree waiting for the "man in the red coat" to come, his mother had to get up and go upstairs to help her owner with their baby. During this time Santa came. The man noticed little Theo lying beside the tree and picked him up and started petting him, successfully waking the small pup up and scaring him out of his wits.
  • Theo hates to be picked up and carried around (another reason he doesn't like Santa).


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