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The stray gang has strays abandoned pups and they formed the stray gang there's eleven pups total all different breeds. The breeds are pug Rottweiler akita American Eskimo dog belgin malinois Finnish spitz Lancashire heeler Norwegian elkhound shiba inu Siberian husky Icelandic sheepdog. Everyone in the group considers everyone family of course the leader which is jerome is considered the father and Marley which is jerome mate is the mother.

There names are william, Ronald, whiteout, gold rush ,omega ,jerome, saber, damien, Mark, marley, zaliey.

Family tree: (pack family/ranks)Edit

William-spy /brother to marley

Ronald-guard/brother to saber and mark

Whiteout-hunter/brother to gold rush

Gold rush-hunter/brother to whiteout

Omega-third in command/brother to zaliey and damien

Jerome- alpha/a father to everyone

Saber-beta/brother to mark and Ronald

Damien-Hunter/brother to zaliey and omega

Mark-guard brother to saber and Ronald

Marley-alphas mate/mother to everyone

Zaliey-betas mate/sister to omega and damien




Whiteout-Shiva inu

Goldrush-Siberian husky 

Omega-Belgian malinois


Saber-norwiegian elkhound

Damien-Lancashire heeler

Mark-icelandic sheep dog

Marley-finnish  spitz

Zaliey-American eskimo dog 














William- is outgoing sneaky loyal brave kind

Ronald-brave strong loyal kind but can be mean depending on his mood 

Whiteout-is like his twin the troublemakers but he is loyal brave strong kind 

Goldrush-is like his twin the troublemakers but he is loyal brave strong kind

Omega-he may be the third in command he my not look like one but he is very strong kind brave smart funny loyal

Jerome-the strongest pup loyal to his group a great leader is mostly serious all the time

Saber-loyal brave kind fast smart fun 

Damien-the curious one loyal brave kind smart very fast and can hide easily

Mark-the wisest but strong brave loyal and kindest pup you would ever meet

Marley-the sweetest pup who is basically the mother of the gang but kind loyal smart and quick

Zaliey-loyal brave smart quick kind fun loving and is basically like a second moths  of the group


  • The stray gang is made up of a couple of strays and abandon pups 
  • They work together like a wolf pack sort of containing an alpha beta and third in command
  • They are a family which makes jerome and marley the father and mother of the group 
  • They all found each other in an alleyway
  • 4 out of the eleven were strays the rest were abandoned
  • They help strays and other abandon pups threw out adventure bay

Storys they appear inEdit

Story's by meEdit



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