I thought it's been awhile since I wrote a story, so I'm gonna make up one. Let's see how this goes. ;)

One night in the woods.........

Moonlight: (singing) There's a humming in the restless summer air. And we're slipping of the course that we prepared. But in all cayious their is calculations. Drop dropping glasses just to hear them break. You've been playing like the world was gonna end. It isn't. You've been siding the first of your best friend's fist. You shouldn't. It's clear that someone's got a goal. If you mean it I promise I'm not mean. And the quire goes down. Ahhhh ahhhh. It remains for us. And how it plays out, haaaa. Case now were in the ring and were coming for blood. Hey! Hey! You can try and take us. Oh. But we're the gladiators. Hey! Everyone a ranger. Oh. But secretly a savior. Glory and gore go head and head!

Moonlight was frantically trying to find her way out of the woods.

At the lookout.........

Chase: Moonlight! Moonlight!

Skye:*yawn* Chase! What are you doing!

Chase: Moonlight ran off. I can't find her!

Skye: She probably went home, it's late Chase.

Chase: Oh. Yeah. Goodnight!

Skye: Goodnight!

The next morning........

Chase: Alex! We're is Moonlight?

Alex: Huh? I thought she spent the night with you!

Chase: She's gone!

At the lookout.......

Chase: SKYE!!!

Skye: Yes?

Chase: What did you do to Moonlight!?

Skye: WHAT! How dare you! So, wanna play pup pup boogie?

Chase: Grrr! I'm going to look through the woods.  (runs off)

Skye: Oh.

Zuma: Dude, WAY to soon.

Trivia Edit

The name of the episode is same as the amazing world of gumball episode which was name the secret

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