The sacrafice (related to agent ryan)

              Chapter 1 chemical run mission briething

Narrator:Ryans agents and the pawpotral were having a meeting.

Ryan: Whats the mission this time?

Ryder: It's a chemical run.

Ryan: Who we stealing from?

Ryder:Terrists that are threatening to set off a chemcial bomb.

Ryan:Okay my team will steal the chemicals then get it on Sams helocopter and head here.

Ryder: Good plan and be careful these terrists are mad men they will do anything to protect the chemicals.

Ryan: Got it Ryder.

                        Chapter 2 Operation is a go

Narrator:3 hours later Ryan and his team are over the enemy base.

Sam:This is as far as the helocopter will go.

Ryan: Okay we will take it from here Sam.

Sam: Yes sir Ryan

Ryan: Cade, Tyler, Luke , Daniel and Callum your with me. 

Tyler: Yes sir!

Daniel: Okay Ryan.

Callum: How do we get down there?

Luke: I agree how do we get down there?

Ryan: We wing suit are way down.

Narrator: A soon as Ryan and his men wing suited down to the ground they went to the chemical bomb room.

Ryan: Theres the bomb and chemicals.

Cade: I count 3 cameras, 2 turrets and 9 guards.

Ryan: Okay then we will cut the power then before going in.

Narrator: Ryan and his men cut the power.

Terrist 1: What the?

Terrist 2: Why are the lights out?

Narrator: Ryan and his team then rentered the room and put on there night vistion googles and engaged the guards.

Cade: That was easy.

Ryan: The jobs not done yet guys.( picked up the chemcials)

Luke: I will disarm the bomb.

Ryan: Good Cade, Callum and Tyler guard Luke while he disarms the bomb.

Callum: Sir yes sir!

Tyler: Copy that Ryan!

Cade: Okay will do Ryan.

Narrator: 10 mins later.

Luke: I disarmed the bomb.

Ryan: Good job luke now we have to go now1

Guard 3: Hey you what are you doing here? (Pulls out a pistol)

Ryan: We are busted!

Guard 4: They disarmed the bomb!( Pulls out a machine gun)

Guard 5: I will call the boss.(Pulls out a walkie talkie) Hey boss some people disarmed the bomb and have the chemicals.

Boss: Kill them then!( Ends call)

Guard 5: Kill those people.( Starts shooting)

Ryan: Run!

Narrator: Ryan and his team jet pack into Sams helocopter.

Ryan: We have the chemicals Sam go!

          Chapter 3 Plan B

Sam: Copy that Ryan.

David: Ryan you might wanna look.

Ryan: Good eye David. Sam go faster we have jets on are tail.

Sam: I am trying to make it go faster but this might be as fast as it can go.

Ryan: Okay I am calling both agent Bens.

Sam: Make it quick.

Ryan: Bens it's Ryan I need you and your armered truck at these cordnents.

Both Bens: Okay Ryan be there soon.

Ryan: Good and hurry.

Narrator: The chopper shakes and Sam hits his head hard and is knocked out.

Ryan: I will take the controls Andre get Sam out of the driver seat.

Andre: Okay Ryan (grabs Sam)

Narrator: Ryan gets in the seat and hands the chemicals to Cade. 

Ryan: Guys dive off this plane.

All ( except Sam and Ryan): Are you crazy Ryan?

Ryan: No and both Bens will pick you up in a truck there and bring you to the look out while I draw there fire.

All(Except Sam and Ryan):You will be rembered.(They dive out of the plane)

                                        Chapter 4 the sacrifice

                                        Cade: You still with us Ryan?

                                        Ryan: Yes and let me draw there fire just deliver the package to the pawpotral.

                                        Cade: Okay Ryan.                                                                               

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