summery Edit

taz and his friend blast was abandoned by there owners then they meet 4 dogs in a group called the resistance of the adventure bay dog pound they were abondoned to but they found each other then made a secret base but will these 4 dogs help poor old taz and blast find there owners

cast Edit







dog catcher 1&2

Hailee and autumn (humans)

chapter 1: the finding Edit

ok today I'm going to update

taz: hurry up dude there going to get us

balst: I'm going as fast as I can

taz: well go faster

dog catcher 1: get over here you mutts

-luckly will grabs them-

taz: hey who do yo..-will grabs his mouth to keep him quiet-

dog catcher1: hey where did they go

dog catcher2: they went this way -runs off-

cooper: there gone

will: ya I know

taz: mmamamm

will: what oh sorry kid

taz: plahh what was on you paw dude

will: hey kid I was on my paw all day cut me some slack besides you almost got yourself caught out there what kind of stray are you

taz : well excuse me for being abandoned our owners

will: you weren't abandoned

taz: yes we were

will: kid I know a stray when I see one

taz: stop calling me kid!!!! and I was abandoned

cooper: hey not to interrupt your little argument but what are we going to do with him

Canada: well we can take him to the base

will: ya ok but on the way there you can tell us how you were so called abandoned

taz: fine lets go blast

-the scene changes-

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