All the pups (except Skye) are playing video games,skateboading and playing football. Ryder:what's wrong Skye? Skye:I like the boys including Chase and all it's just not fair i had no one to play with because I'm the only female member in the Paw Patrol! Ryder:just because your the only boy or girl in the group doesn't really mean your alone that doesn't stop you from playing. Skye:ok but if there any female pups can you let one join? Ryder:sure. At the Snowy Mountain. Jake:(skiing) WHEE this is fun! (Saw a edge straight ahead and he forgot how to turn for the first time). Jake:AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Everest:some one's in trouble! (Slides down on her belly) I'm coming! Jake:(hanging onto the edge) some one HELP I'm too young to die!!! Everest:(grabs him by the pants) I got you (tries hard to pull him back on) your safe now. Jake:thanks I nearly fall off who are you? Everest:I'm Everest and you are... Jake:my name's Jake please to meet you I think Ryder could use a 7th member wanna come home with me? Everest:ok! Zuma:I feel bad for Skye. Rubble:I know how I gonna feel if I'm the only male in the group (whimpers). Marshall:(trips over a rock) Ouch! I feel the same thing she's kinda upset to be the ONLY female in the Paw Patrol. Rocky:maybe we could cheer her up. Chase:great idea Rocky we ARE her friends after all She's been like that and hasn't play with us for 2 days anyways. (All walk over to Skye). Skye:hey guys. All boys:hey Skye! Rocky:are you sad because your the only girl here? Skye:a little bit. Chase:but you always have fun playing with us. Skye:true but I get left out when most of you do stuff without me Because all of you said maybe later. Jake:hey Ryder I'm back! Ryder:I told you to watch out for cliffs but your too busy having fun skiing. Everest:you must be Ryder. Ryder:yup and you Everest that Jake told me about! Skye:oh your Everest? Zuma:wanna play video games? Rubble:skateboarding? Chase:he's gonna be the 7th member? Everest:actully I'm a girl And yes. (All the boys including Skye are shocked). Jake:she saved me before I fall of and she knows how to do tobogganing on her belly. Everest:can I get a job here? Ryder:sure since your good at snow rescues you'll be a Snow Rescue pup. Everest:oh boy! (couple days later). All 7 pups are playing Pup Pup Boogie.

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