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The mission (part 2)Edit

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Chase: ( on the plane which  mistorously was empty ) WOW only a little more intil we get to reno. Chase than hears somrthing coming and it sounded very light steps when he looks at the person closly and sees its Jeff The Killer. Chase than hears the plane driver say we have landed and welcome to reno. Jeff: i heared a cirtain wolf told you something about here. Chase : NO uuhh no one told me anything about uuhh you. Jeff: ( While getting closly to chase ) Now you see i hate liers. Chase: (backing back into the door while Jeff didin't see him close to the door. Jeff (still didin't see him on the ledge of the door) Well you know who the wolfs name is ..... Moonlight no Chase: Uuuhh no i just uuhh ... (as Chase jumped out the door) Jeff: No you dont your not ascaping from me ( Jeff Follows chase into the building and when he sees everyone he disapers and you can hear and echo of him saying dont think your escaping yet ill be back) Chase: ( surrounded by alot of people) Wow so where is Moonlight  as he was  talking he saw a beutiful wolf that had a bang over his eye and had a purplish fur Moonlight: (talking in a calm voice) you came now what i was meaning to tell you is that a person named Jeff the killer has taken my brothers and i need your help Chase: But why do you need me  Moonlight: Because i heared you where a part of the paw patrol and was the best one out of all of them  Chase : thanks (blushes)| Chase: But that Jeff guy he ¨viseted¨ me on the plane if you know what i mean Moonlight: Now where both in trouble what did he say Chase : HE said alot of things but the most impotant i can tell you is that he will be back

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