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The mision (part 3 )Edit

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 After Jeff has paid Chase a little visit chase has met a wolf named Moonlight And Chase told Moonlight what happened Moonlight got worried. 

Moonlight : while since your here i can tell you what has happend. Chase : (IN HIS HEAD) finaly some awnsers Moonlight : Well what happend first was (Flashback starting now so skip it it might be boring)

Me and my brothers went camping and It was a very dark night and me and my brothers where next to the campfire telling stories Chase: (IN HIS HEAD) uhhh i thought it would have been a fast awnser.Moonlight : (still going on) When my brother zack finished his story about you guys the paw patrol getting attack by slender man Chase: ( in his head) Im sorry did you say slender man ? Moonlight : So it was my turn to make up a story so i made up one with you guys getting attacked by jack the killer and they were scared alot Chase: (in his head) Why were they scared we didint die in the story did we "gulp" Moonlight: Than i scared them when were about to go to sleep and in the middle of the night i herd something saying ¨death" in a echo so i tried waking up my brother zack while the others slept and zack thought i was lying too so he went to sleep i went out side to check it out and i saw a person there and i asked if he was okay or lost and he just stood there so i stepped closer and he disapered and i ran for my life to tell my brothers when he appered in front of me next i knew i was next to my brothers on a wall and after a while i thought we were gonors till i saw one of my chains were lose Chase : (IN HIS HEAD ) ITS STARTING TO GET SCARY. Moonlight : i escaped but i left my brothers be hind so than i called you cause i herd you were good for helping people. Chase : Wow alot of things happen but most of all we need to save your brothers Moonlight : Alright so first i renmember i was in the bad part of town Chase : were? Moonlight : Downtown. Chase : of course

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