These pups belong to Sarah the FBI pup a and exist in her second universe

pups Edit

after working together for a few months, they decide to start dating. A year later they marry, and are the first to have their puppies. And so Cleo, Sirius, Klion, Jake, June, February, March, May and October are born.

info Edit

Cleo: Cleo is the happy-go-lucky pup of the group. She is always cheerfull and upbeat.

Sirius: Sirius is very smart and Serious. He is a bit of a pup genius.

Klion: Klion is brave and bold. He is always doing crazy things.

Jake: Jake is a bit of a hippie and hates violence.

June: June is very passionate and caring. She worries about every little soul wishing everyone a happy day.

February: February is very tough and serious. She'd rather work than play and has a clever mind

March: March is a little ray of sumshine. He is innocent and sweet and has a heart of pure gold. He takes things very seriously, and can be a bit naive.

May: May is a primadonna girl, and loves to strut her stuff. She is a complete girly girl and worries more about fur styles than actually doing something in life.

October: October is a complete goofball. He's even more clumsy than Marshall and has a big sense of humor.

appearances Edit

Cleo: TBA

Sirius: TBA

Klion: TBA

Jake: TBA

June: TBA

February: TBA

March: TBA

May: TBA

October: TBA

Jobs Edit

Cleo: a Cave explorer pup

Sirius: a scientist pup

Klion: a Fire pup

Jake: no job. He wants to wander the streets and bring peace to the world.

June: a nurse pup

February: a police pup like her mother and father

March: a baby sitting pup

May: a fashion designer pup

October: a comedian

uniforms Edit

Cleo: a yellow version of Dominick's uniform

Sirius: a white scientist lab coat.

Klion: a dark brown version of Marshall's uniform

Jake: N/A

June: a light red nurse uniform.

February: a Garnet colored version of her parent's uniform

March: a neon orange uniform with a light peach beanie

May: N/A

October: N/A

trivia Edit

  • Cleo is best friend's with her cousin Cleopatra
  • Sirius was named after the Harry Potter character.
  • Klion likes that he has the word 'lion' in his name. He thinks it makes him sound tough
  • Jake was named after Jake.
  • June, February, March, May, and October were named after the months.

fears Edit

Cleo: she is afraid of skunks

Sirius: he is scared of nothing. Except toads

Klion: Klion is secretly scared of badgers

Jake: Jake has too clear of a head to be scared.

June: June is scared of hurting others feelings

February: February is scared of letting her Parents down.

March: March is scared of bullies

May: basically anything that could make her dirty

October: Spikes.

stories they appear in Edit

gallery Edit

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