This are for characters that appear in the story pups and the attack of the chihuahua army. They are all chihuahuas and play the role of the generals of the army.

This ocs are created by crescenttherangerpup98.

Appearance Edit

Missile: A chihuahua with a german shepherd colored fur. This means he is mainly brown with black back, tail, muzzle and the lower part of the legs. His paws are white and carries a small red collar. His eyes are brown.

Locke: A black fured chihuahua with ocher paws and chest and tip of muzzle. he carries a blue collar and his eyes are brown. Has a white spot on his chest. Has ocher colored eyebrows.

Whiterose: A white chihuahua with brown eyes. Has a small rope asw colar.

Little girl: A small black furred chihuahua with brown eyes and ocher paws. Doesn't has a collar. She always goes around with two puppies called rolling pup and little rat.

Little rat: A completely black chihuahua puppy. She has white front paws.

Rolling pup: A black furred chihuahua with brown eyebrows and paws.

Personality Edit

Missile: A calm and playful pup who is constantly playing with Lucky. He is usually nearby little rat and is the smart one of the team.

Locke: A hyperactive surly pup who is usually playing with missile. He usually improvises the plans and is reckless when applying them.

Whiterose: The leader of the group and leader of the chihuahua army. She is very agressive towards those she does not trust and tries to achieve what she wants.

Little girl: The smallest of the group and really close to missile. Loves hanging around with him. She cant get far from rolling pup nor little rat cause she gets desperate. She relys on those two to execute her plans.

Bio Edit

coming soon

Trivia Edit

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