In a science lab far, far away from the look out there was a man who had a wolf in a room. The wolves name was Fire the mans name was Jakob. Jakob had Fire on a strap on a treadmill.

Jakob: Okay so you have been running for two weeks, ten days, thirteen hours and twelve seconds

Fire: *Pants* So is that a good score?

Jakob: It is a personal best but...

Fire: *Gasps for air* But what

Jakob: After this happens you might have to run for six months maybe even a year

Fire: Really but I - I - I

Fire threw up on the floor after he ran for that long

Jakob: Ahh you stupid wolf Jasmine get him off the strap and then clean up this mess!!!!!!

Jasmine: Of coarse sir

She let Fire off the strap and he jumped off of the treadmill happily

Jakob: Hold up I'm not finished with you

Jakob took a taizer out of his pocket and tazed Fire

Fire: *Screams in pain* Please stop

Jakob: Why should I?

Jasmine: Jakob stop!!

He stop and Fire ran off into his barbed wire cage

Jasmine: You have to stop this

Jakob: Why should I

Jasmine: Because its animal cruelty

Jakob: He's not a animal he's a science experiment

Jasmine: It's still wrong

That night Jasmine couldn't help it and set Fire free he was by far the fastest thing on the planet and the strongest he saw a filer saying when ever your in trouble just yelp for help! Call the paw patrol

Fire: The paw patrol I've got to find him

Part 2 coming soon :)

P.S I will be telling the story when he meets the paw patrol in the next part and if his picture is not at the top of the page I'm sorry my computers gone stupid and now I have to do this on the iPad.

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