These characters belong to Sarah the FBI pup. Yes, I do realize a lot of the bios have to do with zoos, but it's what happened to them.

Info Edit

Kota, Kirai, Neomi, Klause, Tirik, Linia, Lina, and Jagger once lived normal lives in the wild. Then one by one, each was taken away from their families. They slowly found each other and stuck together to survive. They traveled for a while, then one day they were accidentally caught and shipped to the adventure bay zoo. They were terrified about being seperated, and with the help of some of the PAW patrol (See Zoo trouble) they were able to escape and get back together. They then decided to live near adventure bay and have adventures nearby. Because unknown to the PAW patrol... Something lives up there that is a threat to all of adventure bay.

Members Edit

Kota: A wolf pup. Kota is the oldest of the group, and also the founder. He is very caring and a real sweetie. He likes to think of the other members as siblings. He looks out for the other members and makes all the big decisions. The other members look up to him for guidance.

Neomi: a Snow leopard cub. She is the second oldest, and also the second member. She is more fierce than Kota, and cares a lot about the safety of the other members. She puts others before herself, and is fiercely loyal. She has a large sense of humor, and has a heart of gold. She is all bark and no bite, though she won't hesitate to protect the other members.

Kirai: A cougar cub. She is the fourth oldest, but the third member. She isn't very open and prefers to stick to herself. She can be a bit of a grump and it doesn't take a lot to set her off. She is very fleet footed and can run faster than most of the other members. She will get annoyed by Tirik often, even though she has a crush on him.

Klause: a tiger cub. He is the third oldest, but the fourth member. He is very brave and strong. He is the cub Neomi counts on to help protect the group. He is very well trained in battle strategies, so he is the most dependable. He is the more serious member of the group.

Tirik: A fox cub. He is the second youngest, and the fifth member. He is very happy-go-lucky and mischievous. He likes to tease his friends in a friendly way, but it drives Kirai crazy. He is very clever and loves to have fun more than work. He can be a bit hyper at times, but is a real sweetie.

Linia: a lion cub. She is the third youngest and the sixth member. She is very outgoing and playful, but also very cautious and serious. She is very smart and rarely makes super bad decisions. She is very tactifull and knows when something is necessary or not. She is very friendly and happy.

Jagger: a leopard cub. He is the youngest and the seventh member. He seems a little icy and mean at first, but underneath you find a deeper less harsh part of him. He is very curious and loyal, although he thinks himself and all leopards better than any other animal. He may be thick headed and a bit snooty at times, but he can be very loving and sweet too.

Lina: A cheetah cub. TBA

Bios Edit

Kota: Kota lived happily with his family in the forests of Louisiana. But they were illegally tranquilized and were sent to Africa to be in a Zoo. When Kota's family woke up, they saw they were trapped on a boat. Unknown to the sailors, there was a hole in the cage they were in just big enough for Kota to squeeze through. His family urged him to go through it. Kota was heartbroken but obeyed his parents. When the sailors were busy unloading the animals, Kota slipped away unseen.

Neomi: Neomi lived with her family for longer than Kota did. She lived happily with her parents for six months. But then some hunters were spotted in the forest. Neomi was urged to stay inside, while her parents went to investigate it. Neomi waited a while, then two shots were heard in the distance. Neomi waited a few more hours, even though she already had a guess of what had happened. When they still didn't come, Neomi left heartbroken. Later, she came across Kota and the two of them joined together.

Kirai: Unlike the other members, she never truly lived in the wild. When she was very young she and her family were taken to a zoo. Kirai hated being trapped having to stare at the ugly creatures looking at her through the glass. One day alarms blared and all the humans left. Kirai didn't know what had happened, but she soon found out when a lion padded by her. It stopped right at her cage, and growled. It leaped at her cage and broke through it. It went strait for her, but her parents protected her. Kirai took off running, only thinking of escape. Later she stopped and realized what had happened, she spent hours crying. Then she came across Neomi and Kota, and she joined with them.

Klause: Klause lived with his family in Asia, He was the youngest and very curious. One day he strayed too far from his family. He wandered onto a strange thing, and before he knew it he was going across the sea. He hid where ever he could hoping not to be caught, then left the first chance he got. He found himself so far from home... He didn't even know where he was. He cried for a while, then left. He wandered across the strange place for months until he came across Kota, Neomi, and Kirai. He then joined them.

Tirik: Tirik lived with his family, but wasn't happy. They were very mean to him. He didn't quite seem to fit in. He was teased by the other foxes and so he eventually couldn't take it and left. He jumped onto a human plane, and was carried to Africa. He was happy to be away from the other foxes and looked forwards to exploring this new place. He soon found it was more dangerous than it seemed, and had to hide. Soon he found Linia, and he talked with her. They both were misfits in their kind and decided to run away together. They then found Kota, Neomi, Kirai, and Klause and joined with them.

Linia: Linia lived with her pride, but she didn't like it. It was obvious she was different from the rest of her family, and she was very miserable. She then discovered something strange, she looked at it and saw there was squiggly lines on it. After a while, the lines started to make sense. She then could read. But when her family found out, they weren't happy like she thought they would be. In fact, they were mad. They made fun of her, calling her a human. Linia then met Tirik and after talking she decided to leave and go with him. She was a little unsure of joined the band with Tirik, but gave in after a while.

Jagger: He lived with his family for only a couple of months. He was quite happy to live with them and was very proud of the fact that he was a Leopard. But then the hunters came. They started killing leopards for their fur, and he and his family started to move farther from the others. But they didn't know they were heading towards the humans place. The hunter found them and killed them. He took Jagger's siblings one by one and Jagger could only watch as they were skinned alive. Jagger had hidden and hadn't been found by the hunter. Horrified, he fled into the jungle and out onto the Savannah where he met the others and joined with them.

Lina: TBD

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