This is a story that I had some help


Authors and FlamingPup(Hope you like it)


PAW Patrol

  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Skye
  • Rubble
  • Zuma
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Valerie


Opens in on the pups, Fuzzy and Ryder watching a movie

Rocky: I love this movie

(Screen falls and causes a fire)

Marshall: I'll get it *Barks

(Puts out the fire)

(Lots of smoke pour out of the fire and heads for the only exit witch Marshall is standing by)

Marshall: I feel...

(Marshall and fuzzy falls down the slide and lands in his pup house)

(Marshall is unconscious)

Marshall: Where am I

?????????: Your in the land of Pawz

Marshall: Who are you

Munchkins: Were the munchkins Chase, Valerie, Penelope and Lilac

Marshall: I'm Marshall

(Marshall sees he hit a girl)

Skye the Good Witch(SGW):Hi I am Skye the Good Witch and you have hit the wicked Pup of the west

Marshall: Cool hat

SGW: Take it and put it on

(Marshall put on the hat)

Marshall: Perfect fit

(Fuzzy Gets on the hat)

Munchkins: Follow the red paw print road

Marshall: I will

Scene Change spin

(The duo walk up to a post with a scare pup on it)

????: Hi

Marshall: Who said that

????: I did

Marshall: Scare pup

Zuma: You can call me Zuma and I've always wanted to swim

Marshall: I'm going to The Wizard of Pawz to get me home maybe he can make you able to swim

Zuma: Can you get me down

Marshall: *FacePaw(Thinks) Duh

Scene Change Wind

(Marshall, Fuzzy, and Zuma walk up to a tinpup stuck in syrup)

Tinpup: (muffled) Hose

Zuma: What

Tinpup: (Little Muffled) Hose

Marshall: Hose

(He turns the hose on and sprays )

Tinpup: Thanks, I'm Rocky

Trio: Hi Rocky

Rocky: I have always wanted to run, but I ran outside and this syrup was spilt on me so I was stuck

Marshall: And we freed you

Rocky: yes

Zuma: do you want to come with us to the Wizard of Pawz

Rocky: Yes

Scene change to a forest

(The four head into the forest and find a lion at the front)



Rocky: Why did you scream

Lion: Because you scared me

Rocky: What's your name

Rubble: It's Rubble

Rocky: Well Rubble do you want to come with us to The Wizard of Pawz

Rubble: Do I

Scene change to a castle run by four pups

Gram: crystal ball show me where Marshall is. I want his hat

Other Flying pup spot Marshall and swoop him by his hat

One Rescue Later

Marshall: You guys saved me

Zuma: we couldn't of done it without fuzzy

in the palace

The Wizard Of Pawz: You seek power, ask later

Marshall: I need to get home

(Curtains open)

Then tap your hat three times and say I want to go home

Marshall*Tap *Tap *Tap I want to go home

Home (Echo)

Ryder: Marshall your home

Marshall: I had a crazy dream (Marshall said "You were there" to everyone)

(Pups laugh)

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