At  the lookout............

Skye: He what?

Rocky: Well, Ummm, he ran off to the woods.

Skye: .....................

Zuma: Well uhhhh.

Rocky: Please calm down.

Skye: I'm calm........ I'M VERY CALM BECAUSE MY DATE IS IN THE WOODS!!!!!!!

Rocky: ....... Zuma, can I talk to you.

Zuma: Ok, well be right back Skye.

Skye: *sigh* Fine.

At the beach.........

Rocky: What now! This is completely backfiring on us!

Zuma: Ah ha! You take Skye to the salon, Mr Porters restaurant, the beach, city hall, the train station, then the ski resort.

Rocky: Why?

Zuma: You stall Skye while me and everyone else look for Chase.

Rocky: No Way! You stall her case it's your idea!

Zuma: It doesn't matter, but fine!

At the salon........

Skye: Why are we here? My dates not till tomorrow, and Chase might not even show up!

Zuma: It's just for fun. I booked you a hair appointment and me a bath.

In the woods........

Marshall: I'm tired!

Rubble: Me too!

Rocky: Come on! Chase could be in trouble!

Marshall: What's that sign say?

Rocky: Moose crossing.

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