Marshall: Now whats moose cro- ahhhh

Rocky: Come on Chase will probely come home by himself

They called Zuma to tell him they were all going home they were very disapointed

Skye: Well looks like my dates ruined WAAHHH!!

Rubble: Don't worry Skye he will show up *Whispers* I hope

Rocky: Come on let's set up your date in the lounge

Marshall: Ugghh we should have crossed those moose

Zuma: No you could have got killed

Skye: Don't bother he's not coming

Rocky: We will set up anyways just encase

Meanwhile in the forest Chase and the voice were coming up to the wolves and were very, very worried

when they got there there must have been like twenty wolves there

Chase: *Tears in his eyes* I don't think I can do this maybe we should just turn around

Voice in his head: NO! Chase you can do this your and amazing pup and I'll be with you every step of the way

Chase: *Wipes tears* You really mean that?

Voice in his head: Of coarse i do! Now let me tell you somthing those wolves... they all have the same weak spot

Chase: What is it?

Voice in his head: Their knees you see one day they got in a fight with bears and their knees were never the same again

Chase: Alright let's go wait one more thing

Voice in his head: WHAT

Chase: What's your name?

Voice in his head: It's Silver now let's go

He finally defeted the wolves and was panting

Chase: *pant* *pant* Well i guess It's time to say good-bye

Silver: We still have the way home now come on

Luckily Chase made it home just in time to get his tux on and meet Skye

Skye: Oh Chase I thought you weren't coming *Hugs him* I love you!

Chase: Skye I lo- AHHHH!!!

Skye: Chase whats wrong?

the pain was unbearable when it was over all the pups were wide eyed they were looking behind him. Chase looked behind him to see a wolf pup she began to speak the Chase relized he new her he'd regonize that voice anywhere it was Silver.

Silver: Chase you saved my pack thank you *kisses him on the cheek*

Chase: *Turns red* thanks but how-

Silver: I'm a ghost Chase and you saved the rest of my pack good bye *Howls*

As the wind blew Silver faded away and the pups had questions

Skye: Why did she kiss you!!!!

Marshall, Rubble and Zuma: What just happened?

Rocky: Who was that?

Chase: Why did she kiss me she was greatful, what just happened I don't now, who she was that was Silver... The Voice In My Head

The End!!!

thx smiles for making part 3

Now vote time should Silver come back in another episode (If so give me an idea)

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