I know I said I'd write it tomorrow but I couldn't wait

The voice in his head: turn left okay now turn right OTHER RIGHT!!!!

Chase: You are like one of the most annoying G.P.S's in the world

The voice in his head: What are you gonna do about it?

Chase: *Hit's his head* OUCH!

Voice in his head: Great idea

Chase: So uhh out of all of the paw patrol pups why did you choose my head?

Voice in his head: Well I've been watching you Chase you seem to be a great leader you are strong and confident.

Chase: *Turns red* Thanks

Voice in his head: You are welcome

Back at the look out everyone was looking for Chase they were panicing

Ryder: WHERE IS HE!!!!!

Marshall: Did he run away?

Rocky: No that is not like him

Skye: He must have felt wierd after I asked him out it's my fault

Zuma: No that dude is always talking about how much he likes you and wants to date you

Skye: Really?

Rubble: Yes


Voice in his head: Alright you should be coming up to the moose crossing

Chase: What the heck is moose cro- oh my

There was a stampied of moose it seemed to run for miles

Chase: How am I soposted to pass that?!?! any words of encourage ment????

Voice in his head: Nope all I've got to say is don't die because if you go down I go down with you

Chase: Thanks

Voice in his head: Don't worry I'll direct you left right huh DUCK!!!!

Chase: *Ducks* Thanks

Voice in his head: No problem

With the help of the voice in his head he got threw the stampied of moose but the guys at the look out were still worried

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