Chase was hanging out with Rocky and Marshall in the pup park

Chase: Do you ever want to go on an adventure

Skye: Hey guys

Chase: Hey Skye *Thinks* She looks soooo pretty

Skye: Uhh Chase I've been thinking want to go on a date

Chase: *thinks* YES!!!!!!

Chase: Sure ya

Skye: Great how about next week?

Chase: Sure

When Skye was out of site Chase celebrated like a mad man

Chase: I've got a date, I've got a date, I've got a D-A-T-E

Rocky: What are you going to wear?

Chase: I'll wear that tuxedo Ryder got me for my birthday

Marshall: I always liked that tux

That night Chase couldn't sleep he was finally dozing off when he heard a girls voice

????????: Hello Chase

He turned around but there was nobody there

????????: I'm not there

Chase: W-where are you?

???????: Let's just say I'm the voice in your head

Chase: Really

Voice in his head: Yes

Chase: Why are you here?

Voice in his head: I here you are looking for an adventure

Chase: Ya so what?

Voice in his head: I can give you an adventure

Chase: How?

Voice in his head: There is a forest far from here there is a wolf pack and they want to kill the other packs so they can get all the food

Chase: That's terrible but I've got a date next week

Voice in his head: This will only take two to three days

Chase: Hmm okay as long as I'm home in time

Voice in his head: Yes let's go

And they left

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