After dating for a while Delora and Sebastian decide to have pups of there own, Delora gave birth to three healthy girls

Apperances Edit

Kauai - Her body is very similar to her mothers, she has a white body with a deisghn similar to her mothers though her ears are perked like her fathers and her muzzel is black, other than that she is white with redish spots

Her tail is a mix of greens, reds and blues, similar to the colors that are on some of the valcanoes on the islands of Hawaii, the end of her tail and the edge seperating her tail from her body are black

Marlo -

Adagio -

Personalities Edit

Kauai - Kauai is very down to earth/sea and kinda hippieish, she uses meditation to calm down herself and her siblings if any of them get stressed out over something and need to calm down. She is usualy found in her little cove where she likes to sit and meditate or just relax

Marlo - She takes after her mother and is very shy arond new pups, and even though she doesn open up and 'leave' her shell she is usualy reluctant to put her own opinion out there against other pups

Adagio - She takes after her dad and is more active and playfull, she also likes to mess with saylors leading to alot of Daddy/Daughter time for her

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • Kauai was named after the island
  • Marlo was named after my (Confetii the party pup) friend
  • Adagio was named after one of the Sirens from Rainbow Rocks
  • There dad does Teach them the spell to change from Mer-Pup to Land-Pup but they dont use it very often

Crushes Edit

Please do not ask about crushes we will come to you if we would like to pair our pup with your pup

Stories Edit

Gallery Edit

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