(The scene fads on a fire in the middle of a room in an old shack at night)

Chase: We are the Midnight Pup Sociaty.

(The scene fads on Chase then begins to turn left)

We tell scary tales.

Skye: And we do it in this old shack.

Zuma: Some of the tales have a good ending or a sad ending.

Rubble: We tell them before midnight.

Everest: And in this sociaty theres no children allowed.

Tundra: And now its time.

Lilac: To have a new member.

Penelope: If this story is scary hes in.

Marshall: I'll get him.

(Marshall walked out the door and comes back in with a blindfolded Rocky)

Rocky: Hey careful Marshall.

Chase: So Rocky this is going to be great huh?

Rocky: Yeah but whats with the blindfold?

Tundra: Well this place is secret.

Penelope: But there one thing that you must not do.

Rocky: Whats that?

Marshall: You can't tell anyone.

Rocky: Ok.

Rubble: And you have to come up a scary tale.

Everest: Or your not in the sociaty.

Lilac: Uh huh.

Skye: Thats how it goes.

Zuma: Yep.

Chase: Are you ready, Rocky?

Rocky: Oh, I'm ready. Are you ready?

Tundra: Yeah.

(All the pups sat down)

Rocky: This tale is going to knock your collars off.

(Chase picks up a pouch and puts his paw in it and pulls it back out)

Chase: Ok Rocky go for it.

Rocky: For minute the oproval of the Midnight Pup Sociaty, I call this story...

(Chase tosses dust into the fire which makes it go puff)

The Tale of the Phantom Truck


(The scene fads on two kids trying to find their way through the woods)

Rocky *Narrating* Jermey and Gorden were brothers but they don't get along. Gorden is the big bully, and Jermey is his brother's squirt. One day, they decide to take a walk in the woods but they can't find their way home.

(Jermey looked at his compass)

Jermey: I think its this way.

Gorden: Come on we been walking for 10 minutes.

Jermey: Gorden I'll find the way home. I will.

Gorden: I knew we should have stayed home playing video games.

Jermey: Video games are too boring.

Gorden: Just shut your trap.

Jermey: Sorry.

(20 minutes have pasted and its now nighttime, Gorden and Jermey were still walking)

Gorden: Were lost.

Jermey: I don't think so.

(Jermey notices his compass dosen't work)

Uh oh.

Gorden: What?

Jermey: Its broken.

Gorden: Great! We can't get back without a compass.

Jermey: But I know the way.

(Jermey runs off, Gorden chases him, and after 2 miles of running, Gorden finally catched Jermey)

Gorden: I shall pound you!

(Then suddenly, a light from a flashlight approches)

Jermey: Whos there?

(A man holding a flashlight stops infront of them)

Man: Well your far from home.

Gorden: Yeah we are.

Jermey: But who are you?

Man: I'm Alex.

Jermey: Well its great that you came.

Alex: Come you two.

(Gorden and Jermey walked with Alex on a trail)

(Click here for part 2)

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