Sophie: Hey why is your paw green

Fire: Well I was scraping this off and it turned gre- wait i now where he is

Sophie: How

Fire: I'll explain later okay

Fire ran to a house he new. He new where he was because one day Alex was talking to this girl Fire new it was crazy to talk to a stranger so he took him away. Alex got mad and said that his new friend invited him to her house Fire new it was weird for a little kid to go to grown ups house unless they new him. Then when he was passing her by again he saw green hair die leaking from her bag.

Luna: Don't worry baby

Alex: I want to go home

Luna: This is your home baby but now we have to move away to Spain

Alex: But I want to go home to mommy!

Luna: We'll I'm your mommy now!!!!!!!

Just then Fire ran in

Fire: NO YOUR NOT!!!!

Luna: Leave us alone *slaps Fire*

Fire: I've been tazed in the neck, mouth and face it's gonna take a lot more then a slap to stop me *knocks her out*

Fire: Come on Alex let's go home

After that he told everyone what happened and what he did

That night Jasmine let him stay at the look out he took a midnight stroll and got mad because he thought of Luna and Jakob then he caught sight of himself in a pond and he had yellow eyes and then he checked his neck.


The end

And the next episode it will not be titled the science pup (part 4) it will be titled the monster (part 1)

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