Jasmine: Hi Ryder

Ryder: Hey Jasmine, hey Fire

Fire: Hey what's up.

Chase: Hey Fire why are you here?

Fire: I have a check up with Grace.

Sophie: Why?

Fire: I have two holes in my heart.

Track: I never new that.

Paige: Neither did I.

Grace: Alright Fire come right in.

Fire: Coming hey Soph wanna come in with me?

Sophie: Okay.

When they entered the look out Grace had a table put from her ambulance truck.

Grace: Alright lie down.

When Fire laid down his legs were falling off the table.

Fire: Is there anything bigger.

Grace: Ya I think so I can get the table I use for humans.

Grace went outside and dragged the table inside.

Grace: Alright now lay down.

Fire laid down but his paws and ankles were still couldn't fit on.

Fire: OW COME ON!!

Grace: Hey it's not my fault your big.

After the scan he got up off the table and Grace showed him the scans.

Grace: Well as you can see here the holes in your heart are getting smaller.

Sophie: That's great.

After another while of talking the three came out and said to the rest that holes are getting smaller and could go indefinitely.

Suddenly Ryder got a call from Katie.

Katie: Help Alex is missing but we found a bit of his clothing and there is something on it

Ryder: Don't worry Katie the paw patrol is on a roll!

  • Beeps on collar* paw patrol to the look out

One elevated scene later...

Ryder: Okay so Katie has given me a piece of clothing belonged to Alex he's missing!

Pups: *gasp*

Ryder: Chase when we get this stuff of of the piece of clothing you have to sniff him out

Chase: Is on the case!

Ryder: Fire you seem very experienced when it comes to science scrap this out and find out what it is it may give us a clue

Fire: Science is my middle name... Seriously

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