This is my First place I am making. If anything isnt show accurate please tell me because I havent watched the show very often.

The Reef Edit

The Reef is a colection of Coral Reefs and a Shipwreck in the waters of Adventure Bay where Mer-Pups Live. It contains multiple sleeping areas for Mer-Pups along with places for them to find food along with play places for pups.

Places Edit

Reefs Edit

There are Colections of Reefs where pups can sleep and stay, they are usualy seperated for families but you can esily travel from one to another

Shipwrek Edit

There is a large ship that wrecked and sunk here. It is an ideal place for adventurous pups or adults who want to find something new for there colections.

Residents Edit

Please feel free to reuqest that your pup lives here, only requirment is that they are either a Mer-Pup or Part Mer-pup, Regular pups are free to visit as well

Lake - She lives at the reefs but loves to adventure when she can. As an Adult she spends most of her time at home while her husband takes the pups places

Powell - He lives at the Reefs with Lake and engoys Exploring the Shipwrek along with playing with the other Mer-pups

Erie - She is Roomies with Delora but she usualy stays home at the reefs instead of going out with her friend. In the Future she moves in with Caspian

Delora - She is Roomies with Erie but also loves adventuring around with Powell or other adventurous mer-pups. She does love to stay home and have meaningfull conversations with Erie every once in a while. Eventualy after Erie moves out Sebastian moves in with Delora.

Moki, Hansen, Bullfrog and Hall - Powell and Lakes pups, these four love exploring with there father while also loving to stay home with there mom

Sebastian - TBD

Brainy - TBD

Marlo, Adagio, Kauai - TBD

Splash - He lives with Muriel, Aquarius and Oceania

Aquarius - Lives with Muriel, Splash and Oceania

Oceania - Lives with Murieal, Aquarius and Splash

Muriel - Lives with Splash, Aquarius and Oceania

Caspian - He moved to the Reef after Meeting Erie and when they where adults soon moved in together

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

I plan to draw some Maps of it to Practice Backgrounds and Landscapes Soon

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