So This Is My Story it is Off My Website Babykttens Wika So NO EDITING. Enjoy

Mrs Young: How Do You Like My Heels Pups.

Pups: Um Um Um Nice So Nice SO NICE.

Mrs Young: Thx Pups.

Mr Breg's Aid: How Do You Like My Outit And Heels.

Pups UM WOW Just WOW

Mr Berg's Aid:: Thx Pups.

Mrs Young: So Whos The Most Pertty Girl.

Pups: You Both Are.

Ryder: Comes in Um Why do You Both of You Look So Pertty Today For?

Mrs. Young: Becuse We Are Going On A Trip Today.

Ryder: Pups You Ok.

Pups: Huh Hey Ryder Don't They Look SO PERTTY Today Ryder?

Ryder: They Sure Do Pups.

The End

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