A mysterious treasure of The Magical World that is discovered in Pups in the Magical World.


This mysterious unknown treasure is locked in a chest. On its' top, there is a lock that can only be opened by 8 keys. The locks are all 'familiar' shaped paws, each with their own color. After they are unlocked, it turns out, there is a hidden 9th lock that can be unlocked by a different kind of paw.

It is known now that the PAWs of Unity are special heart-shaped pendants, each with a mysterious mark on it. The pups and Rosie all each represent them individually. They can use the power as the colors of a beautiful rainbow that destroys darkness, separation, and chaos and restores light, unity, and harmony. Recently, they can use the powers of the pendants in their hearts and spirits since that's where the real magic came from. When they uses the PAWs of Unity from their hearts, they become rainbow-fied for a while.

Recently, Rosie has read an oracle in the ruins that says there's a hidden 10th PAW of Unity that will only emerge when "sacrifice gives its toll when a furry friend gives herself up". This PAW is said to be called the PAW of Spirit.

The KeysEdit

The keys are all pawprints, but 8 different paws, each with a color of their spirit

  • Red (Courage)
  • Orange (Laughter)
  • Yellow (Will)
  • Green (Generosity)
  • Light Blue (Kindness)
  • Blue (Loyalty)
  • Purple (Hope)
  • Pink (Love)
  • Magenta (Miracles)
  • ????? (Spirit)


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