After they sang the song Diamond and Chase showed up

Sophie: What are YOU doing here

Chase: We're here to help

Diamond: He dragged me here

Sophie: Okay but your still not off the hook

Suddenly they saw Fire

All: Fire

Fire: Stay away I'm looking for Jakob

Melody: It's okay you can come home... Wait why would you want to find him

Fire: Because he can make a antidote Whatever you can't come

Track: Why not

Fire: Because it might take longer then for weeks

Paige: So

Fire: So if I stay without my microchip for four weeks then I remain that wolf for the rest of my life

All: *gasp*

Sophie: We're coming with you wether you like it or not

Fire: Okay

After they got Jakob out of prison they had a run in with a Doberman and strange things happened to Fire

Doberman: YOUR DEAD!!

He tried to hit Fire but some how he teleported away and the Doberman ran off

Diamond: How the heck did you do that

Fire: I don't now

Jakob: it's one of the stages of becoming that monster, you're telepathic now and even if I give you the cure you will still have it

Fire: I don't care just give me the cure!!

After they gave Fire the cure they put Jakob back in jail and they all went home

Fire: I'll get the pop corn *summons the pop corn into his hand*

Sophie: He, he don't get too cocky

Fire: I'll try and keep my aragonce at a mineable lavel

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