Diamond: Haha!

Grace: WHAT THE HECK!!!!

Sophie: RAGH! (jumps on her)

Candy: No!

Sophie: *sigh* ...... AHHGH! (tackles her)

Diamond: GET OFF ME! (bites her)

Sophie: NEVER!!! (punches her)

Rocky: MEOW! Cat fight.

Ryder: Stop it!


Chase: What are you doing?

Sophie: Packing.

Chase: WHAT!

Sophie: I don't want to be part of the JERK patrol.

Paige: Oh no.

Sophie: Everyone! Come here!

Zuma: What is it?

Track: What happened to the party?

Sophie: I'm gonna go to Fire! Who's coming with!?

Candy: Me.

Grace: Huh?

Candy: I have to.

Grace: Whatever.

Melody: I am.

Coujo: Me too!

Blizzard: Yeah!

Skye: ummm.

She looked over, Diamond and Chase were getting compy with each other. She was not jealous, she was mad.

Skye: Me too.

Chase: What! Skye.....

Skye: Let's go.


Candy: I'm so proud.

Skye: Huh?

Candy: You're so determined.

Sophie: Because......

Melody: Here. (hands her a guitar)

Sophie: Thanks. (singing) If I know one thing, that's true, it ain't want you say it's what you do. And you don't say much, yeah that's true, but I listen when you do. A thousand years go by, but love don't die.

Melody: (playing drums)

Blizzard: Where did those come from?

Sophie: (singing) If I know one thing, that's true! It's that I'm never leaving you! And you don't say much, yea that's true, but I lose it when you do! Don't let them turn on lies, LOVE DON'T DIE! No matter where we go!

All: Ahhhhhhhh.

Sophie: Or even if we don't!

All: Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh!

Sophie: And even if they try!

All: Ahhhhhh!

Sophie: Thell never take my body from your side! LOVE DON'T DIE!

If there is one thing, that's true, it ain't what I say it's what I do. And I say to much, yeah that's true. So just listen to what I do. A thousand years go by. Mmmmm. But LOVE DON'T DIE! No matter where we go!

All: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Sophie: Or even if we don't! 

All: Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh!

And so on. :)

By the way, the ahhhhhhs were not screams, they were like singing ahhhhhhs.

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