The Misty Shadows are ghostly mists that are the minions of Dark Chaos.


A Misty Shadow can take the form of any creature by copying its shadow. It also attacks enemies by attacking their shadows. The Misty Shadows can be destroyed by light. These ghosts can only be found in the Dark-Mist Forest, where Dark Chaos lives. They were defeated and vaporized by the light of the PAWs of Unity. However, not all the shadows were defeated. Very few of them escaped the light powers and hid in the Maze of Shadows near Adventure Bay. While there, they slowly multiplied their numbers and plotted revenge on the PAW Patrol.


When the Misty Shadows aren't in shape-shift form, they look like a dark, perplexing mist. After they take the form of another creature, they have a dark, dark, purple colored body and red eyes.

Idea OriginEdit

I thought it would be nice to tell how these monsters came in.


When I was watching "Castle Mane-ia", I heard Applejack "the Pony of Shadows". Well, I sometimes get other ideas in my head about the show when I watch it. (I'll cut to the forest part) Overtime, after using my mind to call the Everfree Forest different names ("Everweird", "Ever-Murky", "Murky" "Neverfree" "Ever-Spooky", ect.), Only one stayed, the Dark Mist Forest. (I got that idea during last summer) So just seconds after Applejack said that, I went back (DVR recording's really handy), and said this at the same time "The Misty Shadows".

But, that was just where the name came from. Here's where the power idea came in.


I don't have a Wii U, but I always wonder what the Mario and Sonic 2014 Soichii Winter Olympic Games, so I went on Youtube and saw some different videos, including 'Legends Showdown'. There were evil clones. They were copied from the characters' shadows. In a few video, I comment that I called them "Misty Shadows".

You know the name; you know the power, but now how did the defeating them come in?

Defeating themEdit

In the Disney movie "Princess and the Frog", the shadow demons were simply defeated by light. That's mostly how it came in, and how the group meets Amy Darling too.


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