Skye: Be right back I'm gonna AHH!

Abby: A little help?

Abby was hanging by her foot from a rope tied to a tree branch.

Skye: Chase!

Chase: What's OH!

Abby: So.... no help?

Rocky: WOHHHH!

Abby: *sigh*

Later: Thanks.

Zuma: Why we're you up there?

Abby: Oh, just some people trying to get me and my...... MY SISTER'S!!!! THERE GONE!!!!!

Marshall: Well find them!

Chase: What do they look like?

Abby: Well, there's me the white lab, Morgan the brown lab, Penny the black lab, Lillyann the golden lab, and Cameron the only boy and silver lab.

Skye: That's a lot of searching!

Rocky: Why are people after you guys?

Abby: (disappears) This is why.

Rocky: Where are you?

Abby: (appears) Right here.

Chase: Cool!

Rocky: Can all your siblings do that? 

Abby: No, Cameron can fly, Morgan can see through stuff, Lillyann can run really fast, and Penny has laser eyes.


Abby: Well, not yet. We're training.

Chase: What was that!

Cameron: (crashes) Abby!

Abby: One down, three to go! 

Cameron: Ouch!

Abby: That's why were training.

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