Abby: Hey Cameron do you now where the other pups are?

Cameron: No but I think I saw Lillyann in the pup park I ain't too sure though.

Chase: Come on let's go to the pup park!

At the pup park they looked and looked but she just wasn't there.

Skye: Maybe she's at the beach?

Abby: Lillyann did always love the beach!

They searched yet again but nothing but then Chase found something.

Chase: Hey look paw prints!

Abby: And look here's a piece of Lillyann's collar!

Chase: I will follow her sent.

Cameron: I'll look from the Sky!

Skye: Hey! I do that!

Cameron: Sorry!

Chase: You can do it together.

Cameron: Okay.

Chase sniffed her collar and followed her sent while Cameron and Skye looked for her in the in the air.

Abby: Will never find her.

But just then something knocked Abby down.

Abby: Lillyann.

Lillyann: Hey Ouch!

Abby: Two down two to go!

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