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NOTICE : In case you missed the previous parts, here are the links

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It is winter. To be honest, it is just several days after injuring my own damn leg.

And the pups? Oh, they are playing happily out there. No worries.

Me? Staying at the bed. The good thing is, I can walk just like a snail pace. It's much better than stoning in this bed, literally.

There are TONS of food beside me. I'm feeling like a king, but lonely.

But, hey. Let's go out. I think I can make it.

Slowly... Approaching the lift by snail pace surely.

Okay. Job done. Heading upstairs...

But what's going on upstairs? Or maybe outdoor, perhaps?

"Catch me if you can!" said Skye

"I'm coming for you Skye!" said Rubble

"Oops, just an inch there!" Skye uses his flying pup pack for a good use

"Aw..." Rubble is dissapointed with his pace

I guess I can sit around the grass...

"Hey! There is Michael!" said Chase

"Ay!" the pups are approaching me.

"Why are you here?" said Rocky

"I'm bored inside! I need fresh air!"

"Okay. Take care, dude!" said Zuma


The pups still playing happily each other. Then, out of nowhere, Marshall came by.

"Hi! Um.. why are you here?" said Marshall. He is still taking care of me

"I'm lonely out there. I need something to breathe in..."

"Oh... okay. Wanna play?"

"I'd like to, but how?"

"Oh yeah... well at least you can keep us from any danger!"

"That's okay then. Go ahead!"

"Hey, Marshall. You in?" said Skye

"I'm in. Wait for me!"

Everything is okay in my eye. Oh, I completely forgot. Everest and Jake is still doing a city tour. They are not completely done with it. And of course, Kevin. Maybe Kevin is going to get introduced with all of the AB things.

Okay, back to the Lookout. They are playing tag. The interesting thing is, they are wearing their pup pack. They can use it for a good use, of course without any cheating sort of thing.

"Okay, Skye! I'll get you this time!" said Marshall

Once again, Skye uses her flying pup pack.

"Still, you can't... ah!"

For surprise, Marshall uses his water cannon pack.

"Tag! Hahaha!"

Skye is taken out... without any serious injuries.

"GG, Marshall!"

In progress...

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