Parsley and Oregano are 1 gen pups and PrincessHyperSkippy is the owner of them They are a mix breed of Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier king Charles Spaniel.  Got permission for them to live at the Stray Pup Sanctuary

Personality Edit

Parsley" She loves to play. She is super affectionate. She is super friendly tho doesn't have mean streak in her body.

Oregano: He loves to make new friends. He is super gently. He likes everyone. Tho he..sometimes wants to do it his..own way and may get him into trouble.

Appearance Edit

Parsley: She is got the body of a Cocker spaniel. She has a ruby coat. Her ears are feathery. She has dark brown eye's With deep red marks on her tip of her tail and flock.

Oregano: He is got the body of a Cocker spaniel. He has a black and tan coat coat. His ears are feathery. She also have dark brown eye's. 

Bio Edit

They both had a pretty good background. They were in a wonderful family they got they own personally chef to feed them. Tho then a tragic happened when they owner's son tired to cook something for the first time..he accidentally set his home on fire. And...him and his dad died in a fire. Parsley and Oregano was able to escape from the house.Then while trying to find shelter they got captured from the dog catcher. They escaped the pound and are now strays and good friends to Abbatha who helped them to escape from the pound. After meating Smoky he takes them and their freind Abbatha to theStray Pup Sanctuary in Foggy Bottom.

Stories they inEdit

The Twin Pups and the  Friends

Fears Edit

Parsley: Fires

Oregano: Fires. She hates small spaces so he is a Claustrophobia

Trivia Edit

They both got herb names cause of they old owner was a chief.

Crushes Edit

Oregano has no crush

Parsley has no crush

Galley Edit




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