The Gold-Hearts are a royal family.


They are mentioned in Rocky in the Castle Past, where they ruled the Pegasus Kingdom until the Steel-Wills invaded. The kingdom fell, until Rocky traveled to the past and did an act that changed their future.


The King and QueenEdit

The King and Queen are mentioned, but they're never seen or heard. They fled the castle.

Prince RichardEdit

He's the heir of the throne. Before Rocky's time travel, he, Tanya, and Henri were never heard from again. When Rocky helped them escape, he gave him his tag as his momentum. Richard soon became a great king and passed Rocky's tag as an heirloom and found great ways to recycle.

Princess TanyaEdit

Tanya is the little princess and sister of Richard. She always carried a toy pegasus around until she gave it to Rocky.


Henri is one of the king's men and Richard and Tanya's best friend. When he got hurt, Richard and Tanya stayed with him.

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