Violet: Help

Track: Your okay

Violet: Yes but Jakob caught Sophie!

Track: I'll go after her

Fire: NO I will

Grace: I highly suggest not to I've been looking at your scans and it turns out you have two holes in your heart you should not put any stress on your self

Fire: I don't care I'm going!!!!

Fire used his paranormal speed to get there in under a minute

Fire: *whispers* Sophie

Fire: Sophie where are you?

He looked around and couldn't find anything then he caught sight of Jakob he was talking to Jasmine

Jakob: I hate that Golden Retriever

Jasmine: Well what are you going to do about it?

Jakob: I will put her down right now!!

Fire: *Whispers* NO

Fire rushed off now he was in a race against time

Fire: I have got to find her in time

Fire searched and searched but nothing then he thought of something

Fire: My old cage of coarse!!

Fire ran to the cage and found Sophie

Sophie: Fire you came

Fire: of coarse I did now come on

He flicked the cage and it fell down he was very strong

Sophie: how'd you do that wait stupid question

Fire: Race you to the look out

Sophie: Ha trying to beat a mail dog your out of luck man

Fire: I'm a science experiment and I'm older then all of you guys.

Sophie: You think that makes a difference

Fire: See you at the finish line cutie

Sophie: *blushes*

Fire her beat her and it took Sophie hours to get to the look out she was panting

Sophie: Hey how'd you beat me

Fire: I warned you

Just the jasmine came in

Fire: No I'm not going back

Jasmine: Don't worry I called the police on Jakob

Fire: So he's gone

Jasmine: Yes

Fire: Uhh Jasmine c- can you be my new owner

Jasmine: Of coarse

Everyone was happy

Sophie: Hey thanks for saving me

Fire: No problem

Sophie: Oh and you don't look too bad your self


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