That night.........

Fire: Thanks Skye!

Skye: No problem.

Sophie: GET UP!!

Both: (jump out of bed) AAHH!


Skye: Oh no!

Fire: Oh no! This is my fault!

Fire: They ran off to show my owner what for.

Sophie: What for what!

Fire: Oh no OH NO OH NO!

Skye: Calm down! She will be back tomorrow.

The next morning......

Track: Help!!!!

Rocky: What!

Track: Violet is gone!!!!

Skye: You were with her!

Track: Some person took her!

Fire: (painting) *faints*

All: * GASP*

Grace: I got it!

That afternoon.........

Sophie: Come on!


Sophie: I have a way with words don't i?

Candy: No, you have a way WITH THREATENING!

Sophie: So I think we're here!

Jakob: HEY! Look at that!

Sophie: You can't catch me! Haha!

Candy: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! (sprints off)

Jakob: Got ya!

Sophie: Best to out of three! (Runs)

Jakob: What!

Jasmine: *giggling*

Jakob: GET HER!


Jasmine: Whew! You sure can run!

Sophie: I'm a mail dog! I run miles!

Jasmine: That's great!

Sophie: Why?

Violet: AHH!

Sophie: Hey! STOP IT!

Jakob: Why should I?

Jasmine: You can you can!

Sophie: Because I SAID SO!

Jasmine: No!

Jakob: Fine! You take her place!

Violet: Sophie! THANK GOD! You have enough energy for months!

Sophie: You betcha!

Violet: I'll get help! (Runs off)

Jakob: Just run.

Sophie: Sounds easy enough!

2 hours later........

Jasmine: WOW!

Sophie: What?

Jasmine: You don't look tired at all!

Sophie: Oh! Yeah I guess so! I'm the best!!!!!

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