Fire: thank you for fixing me up well I've got to go

Track: NO! That man will get you

Fire: Don't worry he's my problem

Grace: Okay but call us if you need any help

Fire went down by the beach and stared at the sea he was hopeless and lost. He wondered why he had left the paw patrol. Skye noticed him and came up to Fire

Skye: Are you okay you look a bit lost

Fire: There is one thing but its not your problem

Skye: You can tell me

Fire: NO I CAN'T!! Just leave me alone

Fire stormed off but Skye followed she was detriment to find out what was bugging him

Fire: Go away

Skye: Tell me

Fire: You want to now what's my problem

Skye: Yes

Fire: Okay then I'm not a wolf

Skye: The what are you

Fire: I'm a science experiment

Skye: Really?

Fire: Yes and the man who owns me is a scientist but there was two other scientist and they wanted to make a wolf without wolf D.N.A. But Jacob the man who owns me crossed any strong or fast animal in to my blood.

Skye: Tell me more

Fire: But The other two scientist banned Jacob for life because what he did but Jacob got mad and crossed more strong and fast animals into my blood and now he makes me run on treadmills for weeks and punch punching bags for months and if I do something he doesn't like then he tazes me with a taizer

Skye: Oh no! Come on you can stay in my pup house tonight

Fire: You're a paw patrol member that's great I now Sophie, Track and Grace

Skye: Great lets go!

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