It was night time and everyone was getting tired. When Chase Diamond and Coujo came

Grace: Hey what are you doing here

Chase: We came to help

Coujo and Diamond: Us too

Ryder: And me

Fire: Cool

Sophie: Alright!

Skye: Chase put your nose to the ground

Chase: Got it

That night Luke, Ricky, Kyle, Phoebe and Brennan slept on a mattress in an alley while the Chase finally found them messing and having fun.

Kyle: Hey is that Chase

Brennan: K now I see it

Chase: See what

Phoebe: The disfigured face (laughs)

Skye: That's mean!!

Ricky: You should've heard what he called you

Skye: (starts to cry)

Grace: You know what go back yo Ireland

Fire: Ya go on go

Violet: Mmmm hmmm

Luke: No

Ryder: Why not

Luke: Because I love it here and I love these guys they're my best friends! It's hard to understand but it's kinda like this

Luke: they're kicking us out saying its time to close we're leaning on each other trying to beat the cold ill Cary your shoes and give you my coat were walking these streets like there paved holed any old excuses not to go neither one of us wanna take that taxi home singing are hearts standing on chairs spending are time like we are millionaires laughing are heads off the four of us there spending are time like we are millionaires (echoes) Millionaires

Rubble: Aww I mean...

Luke: I love my owners

Ricky: And we love you

Kyle: That's right we do

Ryder: Here (gives them some money) this should give you enough to start off

Phoebe: Thanks

Ryder: What age are you by the way

Phoebe: 18

Luke: Thanks you guys are the best

Grace and Skye: Aww (hug him)

Chase and Coujo: We should've called the pound!

Luke: Well I'm a wolf so you couldn't have

In the end Luke became a DJ pup but still stayed with Phoebe, Brennan, Kyle and Ricky his costume was a luminous blue with luminous green doctor Drey head phones his pup pack encluded A DJ microphone and records

The End

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