Grace: I hope he's alright.

Coujo: Mmmm hmmm.

Skye: He could be alone!

Chase: Mmmm hmmm.

Grace: Let's go look for him!

Chase and Coujo: No!

Outside the lookout.........

Diamond: I can't believe he stole.

Paige: Or hurt people....

Candy: Or spray... PAINTED! VIOLET!

(Violet was spray painting)

Violet: What? It's just a small one!

Paige: Clean it up! Before Ryder kicks you out too!

On the deck.......

Sophie: All that speed dating work..... I feel like I should go to him... or something..... maybe I'm hungry?

Skye: (yelling) I'm leaving!

Chase: No!

Grace: Your just jealous!

Sophie: Guys?

(Someone appeared right in front of her)

Sophie: Ahhh! Oh, hi fire!

Fire: Hey! I heard what happened...

Sophie: Yeah.. it sucks. Well by!

(Walks off)

Fire: Sophie?

Outside the lookout.......

Sophie: Guys?

Grace: Yes?

Skye: Come on Sophie!

Sophie: Okay!

Violet: What happened?

Sophie: Luke got fired.

Violet: GASP! No!

Skye: Yes, were going to look for him. You wanna come?

Violet: Of course!

Chase: Wait!

Skye: Let's go!

Chase: Let's get Ryder!

Diamond: Snitch.

Coujo: I thought you were on our side!

Diamond: I am.

(Both roll their eyes)

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