Ryder: So Luke, what's your favorite color?

Luke: Particularly light blue.

Ryder: What's your favorite place?

Luke: A club!

Ryder: Hehe! Well Luke, you seem like a nice pup!

Luke: Thanks!

Ryder: While I make your gear, why don't you......

Sophie: (jumps up) HI!


Ryder: Meet the other pups...

Sophie: I can help with that! Lets go!

Luke: Okay!

At Mr Porters restaurant.......

Luke: Sooooooo, what are we doing here?

Sophie: It's like speed dating...

Luke: *scared* Speed dating!

Sophie: More like speed-meeting!

Luke: Oh.

Sophie: These are Chase and Coujo, there helping so you can meet them later.

Luke: Hey.

Both: Sup.

Sophie: First up! Marshall!

Marshall: So! What's your pup pack have?

Luke: Don't know.

Marshall: Watch this! Bark! (Accidentally sprays him)

Marshall: Oops.

Luke: Cool? Can I get a towel!?

Sophie: Next is Rocky!

Rocky: You smell like a wet dog!

Luke: *Mumbles* You don't say.

Rocky: Well! (Stomps off)

Luke: Sorry.

Sophie: Don't worry, he's in a bad mood. Next!

Skye: So, what else do you like?

Luke: I like the beach!

Skye: Is that why your wet?

Luke: You could say that. Can I get a towel???

Skye: Hehe! Here take my scarf!

Luke: Thanks!

Skye: Hehe.

Luke: Hehe.

Chase: (thinks) This is not happening! (Says) Next!

Coujo: Now for Rubble!

(His chair is empty) (cricket noises)

Chase: Sorry, he's out sick.

Sophie: Diamond!

Diamond: Seriously! We met already!

Luke: *mumbles* Sadly*

Diamond: Grr! (Dumps her drink on him)

All: GASP!

Sophie: (hitting her with a newspaper) No no! Bad! Out!

Diamond: I'm going! I'm going!

3 hours later........

Sophie: And finally, Grace!

Luke: Wow.

Coujo: (crossing his paws) (thinks) Just friends just friends!

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