Skye: Hey guys

Grace: Hey Skye

Track: Hey

Chase: (says in a a dreaming voice over her prettynis) Hey Skye

Skye: So there's a new club down the street called the tunnel I'm going any one want to join me

Chase (thinks) I love her! But I hate clubs oh well in for a penny in for a pound!

Chase: I'll go!

Skye: Sorry Chase I was thinking maybe a girls night out

Chase: Oh okay

Skye: Next time okay

Chase: Okay I guess

Chases heart sank

Grace: I'll go

Sophie: Me too

Skye: Great! How about tonight

Grace and Sophie: Ya

That night they were having a great time the DJ was the best he played tons of sweet music

Grace: This song is an absolute tune!

Skye: I know Melody would love it

Melody: Hey guys

Sophie: What are you doing here?

Melody: I came to check out the DJ he's awesome

Grace: I know right?

They all looked up at the DJ he had all shades of brown and ear phones

Skye: Hmm maybe we could use him in the paw patrol

Sophie: A DJ pup cool!

Grace: Ya

Melody: Let's ask him

They went up to him and learned his name was Luke

Luke: Sure I'll join the paw patrol

All four: YES!

At the look out...

Ryder: Ya we could use another pup

Skye: Guys meet the new member of the paw patrol: Luke the DJ pup

Diamond: Why do we need a DJ pup?

Luke: I don't know why do you need a model pup?

Diamond: Duh beauty pageants

Luke: Duh party's

Diamond: Too shay!

Luke the DJ pup


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