The CLAW Patrol are hanging around in an ice cave.

Zap: Why are we in a cave? It's cold.

Dixie: Yeah Frosty. It's kinda creepy too.

Frosty: I thought you LIKED creepy.

Dixie: Well, yes but, not this kind of creepy!

Frosty: Anyways, we're here to get our ticket to beating the PAW Patrol.

Zap: And that is, what exactly?

Frosty: You'll see.

After some more walking they reach a tall ice statue of some sort of Rottweiler in a purple cloak.

Dixie: Who's that?

Frosty: This is the legendary dark wizard and leader of the Coven of Darkness, Barlow!



Dixie whacks Zap upside the head.

Zap: Owie.

Frosty: Anyways. We must unfreeze him, then tell him about Marshall, THEN we will rule Adventure Bay!

Zap: But how do we know he'll help us?

Frosty: Easy. Once we tell him that we are grandchildren of former  members of the Coven, he's SURE to help us.

Dixie: Sounds good to me!

Zap: Tots!

Dixie: ...

Frosty: ...What?

Zap: Never mind. Let's unfreeze him!

Dixie: Let's combine our powers together. That should be enough.

The three combine their spells and blast the statue.

Barlow appears.

Barlow: ......Who are you kids?

Frosty: We are the grandchildren of the members of the Coven of Darkness.

Barlow: Ah yes. I remember them. Good times. Now what do you want with me?

Dixie: We were hoping that you would help us with a certain, problem.

Zap:Can youhelp us beat Marshall and his mutt friends?

Barlow: me where he is.

End of Part 1.

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