(I know I promised the part yesterday but my mom wanted me to go something but now it's up!)

Ryder and Marshall stop driving near some trees.

Marshall: Do you think they're close?

Ryder: No, we're good.

Marshall: Alright, let's go hang out by the river, I'm thirsty!

Marshall runs down to the water and starts drinking.

Ryder: I'll call Rocky and tell him we're okay.

Ryder pulls out his Pup Pad and tries calling Rocky.

Ryder: It's not working? Something might have happen to him!

Marshall: Oh no!

Ryder: Oh wait, nope. We're just to far away.

Marshall: Oh...okay.

The other pups run up to Rocky in the iceberg.

Skye: What happened to him?!

Rubble: I bet Frosty did this!

Zuma: They aren't here. They might have found out where Marshall and "Wyder" are!

Chase: Our Rainbow Dust hasn't refulled yet. Maybe you can do it Skye.

Skye: I'll try.

Skye grabs her bottle of dust.

???: Shadow Ball!

Skye is sent flying into the wall and drops her Rainbow Dust and falls unconcious.


The pups turn around to see Barlow.

Rubble: How did you get out of the ring?!

Barlow: I am the GREATEST wizard in the universe, the ring couldn't hold me for long!

Barlow charges up another spell.

Chase: How DARE you attack Skye from behind?!

Chase starts glowing blue.

Pups: What the-

Chase: HOW. DARE. YOU!?!?!!?

Chase's paws are glowing blue now.

Barlow: What in the world?!


Chase fires a large blue beam at Barlow, knocking him into the wall.

Rubble: Chase you did it!....Somehow!

Zuma: How did you do that?

Chase: I don't know...

Barlow: have the power Magical Sound Waves?

Chase: What's that?

Barlow: An ancient power from my time as a youngster.

Chase: off or else I'll do it again!

Barlow: You can't even control can you?

Chase: Um...maybe if focus hard enough.

Chase's paws start glowing again.

Zuma: You CAN do it!

Barlow: (Hmm if he can use it properly then he could beat me. I better go find those cats instead.)

Barlow teleports away.

Rubble: Hey! He got away!

Chase: Aw great. Now what?

Zuma: We don't have enough dust to heal Skye AND Rocky.

The pups stand there thinking of what to do.

End of Part 4. 

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