(Part 2 after such a long time!)

The Pups are all hanging out inside the Lookout Tower and playing videos games and stuff.

Zuma and Skye are playing Smash Bros. Brawl. Zuma chose Sonic and Skye chose Kirby.

Skye: I'm gonna get you this time!

Zuma: Keep dreaming Skye. Never gonna happen!

Sonic spin dashes at Kirby, then smash punches him.

Zuma: YEAH!

Chase: Come on Skye you can do it!

Skye: Hmmm...

Kirby is about to get smashed again, but manages to roll out the way and smash Sonic from behind. Which knocks Sonic out the battlefield.

Everyone except Skye: ...wut.

Zuma: B-b-b-b-but-

Rubble: Haha! You lost this time Zuma!


Skye puts down her controller and walks outside.


Zuma runs after Skye, but then he hears a scream.

Marshall: What was that?

Rocky: Sounds like Skye!

Chase: Let's go boys!

They all run outside to find something horrible.

Right there, standing straight and proud, was the CLAW Patrol and a tall Rottwieller. Along with Skye trapped in some sort of ice cage.

Rocky: What are YOU doing here?

Rubble: And who's your friend?


Rubble: *Squeak*

Barlow: I am Barlow, leader of the Coven of Darkness. I'm for some important business to tend to.

Marshall: What does that "business" have to do with you trapping our friend?

Barlow: I want something from you Marshall, your Dragon Fire! And there's nothing you can do about it!

Chase: You'll have to get past us first!

Zuma: Marshall, you go find "Rwyder!" Then get away from here! Quick!

Marshall: Alright!

Marshall starts running into elevator.

Barlow: Cats, follow him. Don't let him escape.

Frosty: Right! Come on girls!

The cats teleport after Marshall.

Barlow: This should be easy!

Chase: Yeah right, now guys!

The pups jump into the air.

Pups: Rainbow Power!

Their collars light up and they transform into their Rainbowix form!

Barlow: (Hmmm. This might be harder than I thought. No matter, this should still be as easy as pie!)

End of Part 2.

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