The Clumsa-Curse is a curse made by Denn the Pup Wizard In Tweak. Marshall is worn out for being looked down upon and babied for being the clumsy and arrogant one. It emits a indigo smoke and particle like aura. Once it gets its targets, it wraps around them and their eyes become crossed and their voices sound like Marshall. The targets cannot see the aura, which is used to advantages.

In Tweak, Marshall is, as I said twice, tired of being babied and looked down upon. So, he meets Denn inadvertently. Denn tricks Marshall into making the other pups clumsy, while he is never awkward in movement. And since this isn't meant to be, the world is fractured, and the world is messed up. (Very similar to that episode from Gumball where Richard gets a job and it breaks the physics of the world.)

There is a procedure to detect the CC. 

Step One:Their eyes becoming derped and crossed. 

Step Two: They trip and stagger a lot.

Step Three: They get a high pitched voice, almost exactly like Marshall's.

Step Four:They are just like Marshall.

The wizard had tricked Marshall, so he could feed off of chaos to destroy the town. The only cure was to have Marshall's healing tears. But it was no use. Until the wizard said that everyone he loved and cared about had been destroyed, in an effort to make Marshall as fearful and distressed as possible. Marshall cried, and the wizard was encased in stone. Then, things were back to normal, but Marshall was still crying. But later, everything was sorted out.

Denn has black fur, platinum golden eyes, and his tail and hair spurs are white. He gets his eyes completely gold and glowing when he is powerful, and in stone (least powerful) he is red. Also note that when in power, his blasts become black rather then white, and his entire body is covered in a blue aura.

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