These pups belong to Sarah the FBI pup. They exist in Tundra's fanon

Info Edit

The Chestnut hill sled team resides in Chestnut hill in Adventure bay. They get a lot of snow in the winter, but it can get even hotter in the summer. Because it's so cold in the winter, they have special activities made just for the cold climate. The Chestnut hill Sled team being one of them. They host many a race at Chestnut hill, so they made their own Representation team. It is led by Saluki, a young teenage girl who loves each of the dogs on the team.

Team Edit

Saluki: Musher. She's the one who helps guide the dogs in the right direction.

Aleah: Lead dog

Klik: Lead dog

Launa: Swing dog

Traci: Swing dog

Plele: Team dog

Zupo: Team dog

Razz: Team dog

Cloco: Team dog

Buda: Wheel dog

Kat: Wheel dog

Races they run Edit

The Annual Chestnut hill race

Icy river race

Iditarod race

Foggy bottom sled race

Things they sponsor Edit

They Sponsor the PAW patrol, and are great full for everything that they do.

Stories they appear in Edit

Gallery Edit

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