The Cat Wonders is a Team of 4 Kitten Sisters That are Super Heroes. 3 Months Later they Have a Other Sister named Dazzle.

Personalities Edit

Glamour : Coming soon~

Pepper : Coming soon~

Leona : Coming soon~

Tabitha : Coming soon~

Dazzle : Coming soon~

Appearances Edit

Glamour : She is Pink With Purple Leopard Spots. She has Purple on the Outside of her ears Along with tip of tail and Paws. She has a Glittery Pink nose and Glittery Light Pink eyes. She has a Pink Collar with Glitter on it.

Pepper : She is Black and White. She has a Black "Mask" and has Black on her Back with a white Muzzle along with Belly and Paws. She has Pink on the tip of her tail. And Pink Eyes. She has a Black Collar.

Leona : She is Turquoise with Green Leopard spots. She has Turquoise on the Outside of her ears. She has A white belly along with a white Muzzle. She has a Glittery pink nose and Glittery Green eyes. She has a lime Collar.

Tabitha : Coming soon~

Dazzle : Coming soon~

Bio Edit

Coming soon~

Trivia Edit

Coming soon~

Gallery <3 Edit

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