(Title Card with Marshall on it.)

The pups and Ryder are all getting ready to go on a volcano vacation. They're waiting for the bus now.

The bus comes.


Rocky: Shut it!

Ryder: Let's just get on.

After a few hours they reach the island and get to the resort. Then, they get to their rooms and unpack.

Marshall: I'm gonna head to the volcano!

Chase: Okay, be careful not to fall in.

Marshall: Alright, I'll bring Fuzzy with me.

So Marshall and Fuzzy go outside walk for a bit until they finally reach the resort's valcano.

Marshall: Yay we made it! To bad we're all alone.

Frosty: Oh really?

Marshall: *GASP* CLAW Patrol?! What are YOU doing here?

Dixie: We're just here to make your little vacation more "fun!" Dark Wave!

Dixie charges up a laser beam at fires it at Marshall, but he manages to jump out of the way.

Zap: Electric Rage!

Zap forms a large sphere around her that expands until it knocks Marshall to the ground.

Marshall: ENOUGH! I've HAD it with you!

Frosty: Oh yeah? You're so weak you can't even protect your silly little bird!

Frosty points to Fuzzy, who is standing at the edge of a cliff, then throws an ice ball at Fuzzy causing him to fall into the valcano.

Marshall: Fuzzy NOOOOOOO!

Marshall tries to grab Fuzzy but misses and falls onto a rock.

Frosty: Birdy-burgers anyone? lol.

Marshall: SHUT UP!

Frosty: Oh please! It's all your fault.

Zap: Yeah, you REALLY messed up.

Dixie: Yep.

Marshall: I. SAID. SHUT. UP!

A large red dragon forms around Marshall and then he transforms into his firedog work clothes with this song playing.  Marshall then floats upward to face the cats with a VERY angry face.

Marshall: I'm going to KILL you for that! RAWR!!!!

Marshall blasts the witches with every ounce of power he had in him.

Cats: Oh crud.

Marshall wakes up to see Fuzzy in front him. Totally fine.

Marshall: Fuzzy you're okay!

They hug and a large fire dragon appears above them.

The End.

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