(Opening title card with Marshall on it).

Marshall: The CLAW Patrol Part 3!

Marshall wakes up to find himself in Katie's shop on a bed.

Marshall: What the fudge? Why am I here?

Zuma: Because you fainted in the middle of town.

Marshall turns around and sees all his friends there.

Marshall: What happened?

Chase: You COMPLETELY defeated those cats back there!

Rubble: Yeah Marshall! You were shooting giant fireballs everywhere!

Rocky: Pretty cool.

Zuma: Rad.Tubular. Gnarly.

Skye: You can stop now Zuma.

Zuma: Sorry.

Ryder: Anyways you beat those crazy cats back there and it was AWESOME. But the news I have to give you might not be as awesome.

Marshall: What is it?

Ryder: I decided to do some research on your body and found out that you are the LAST Dalmation dog to have the power of the Dragon Fire. One of the strongest powers in the solar system!

Marshall: What's a Dragon Fire?

Ryder: It's an indestructible flame that burns inside your body.

Marshall: OMG AM I ON FIRE?!?!?

Ryder: No.

Marshall: Oh okay.

Ryder: Your parents must have given you some when you were born.

Marshall: Cool.

Rocky: We also did some more research on you and found out that you have a big brother out there. Somewhere that also have a piece of the Dragon Fire.

Marshall: Cool! I always wanted a brother!

Skye: But Marshall. The CLAW have found this out about you. And now they're looking for you to take it away from you and use it to take over the WORLD!

Marshall: Then I won't give it to them.

Chase: It won't be as easy as you think. They almost KILLED us! They'll stop at NOTHING to get the Dragon Fire!

Zuma: But don't worry! We'll help you protect it! No matter what.

Rubble: Yeah! That's what friends are for.

Marshall: Thanks guys. I couldn't be able to did this without you.

Skye: GROUP HUG!!!

Everyone hugs. But outside the window, Frosty is staring into the shop. Laughing an evil laugh.

End. Hope you liked it! Be on the lookout for: CLAW Patrol Part 4!

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