(This is Part 2 of The CLAW Patrol. To read Part 1 go google it or something.

Enjoy the episode!

The cats of CLAW have had enough of these dogs ruining they're plans. And now they want them DEAD.

Zap: RAWR.

Zap fires a red lightning bolt at Rocky, knocking him to the ground.

Zuma: Rocky no!

Zuma runs over to Rocky's side. Rocky has a large red mark on his face.

Rubble looks over at Rocky, terified.

Frosty: Hey you!

Rubble: What?

A few seconds later Rubble is running for his life from Frosty's ice beams.

Skye scopes up Marshall and follow Zap into the sky.

Marshall and Skye both shoot laser beams from they're paws at Zap.

Zap: Wind Shield!

A red shield forms in front of Zap, protecting him. He then fires a laser at Skye, slaming her into a rock statue, breaking it.


No response.


Marshall shot a large fireball at Zap, burning her vest a little.

Zap: You. BURNT. MY. VEST!!!

We cut away to Chase knocked out...somehow by Dixie.

Dixie: Now to finish you!

Dixie charges up a large purple energy ball and aims it at Chase.

Marshall: Chase no!

Marshall runs toward Chase but Zap blocks him.

Marshall: Move!

Zap: You can't help your friend he's finished.

Marshall: No he isn't!

Marshall's paws start to glow.

Marshall: GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!

Zap: Oh no. Frosty! Check the crystal!

Frosty stops trying to freeze Rubble and looks up at Marshall, who's body is glowing brightly. Frosty pulls out her crystal from her pocket and sees that it's glowing too.

Frosty: *GASP* It's him! Huh?

Marshall starts firing large fireballs at Frosty, Dixie, and Zap. Knocking them to the ground.

One of the fireballs also unfreezes Ryder. (He was in this episode?)

Frosty: RETREAT!!

The CLAW Patrol teleport away.

Marshall faints.

Other pups: Marshall?

End of Part 2. Part 3

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