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(This was created by Alicorn Rarity. It doesn't say it, but this episode was made by me. If you want to use the Claw Patrol in your episode or story you can. But you must ask me first).

On with the episode!

It's a simple day in Adventure Bay, the sun is shining, birds flying, people going about their normal everyday lives.It's all good. Especially with the PAW Patrol.

Well, mostly.

Marshall: ITS MINE.

Rubble: NO ITS MINE.

Marshall and Rubble are fighting over a pillow. Again.

The pillow rips.


Ryder: Calm your horses Marshall, it's not the end of the world.

Marshall is now holding tiny horses in his arms (or legs. Whatever).

Marshall: Fine.

Marshall throws the tiny horse things into a random pit of darkness that closes up randomly.

Rocky: Okay then?


Everyone turns around to see three kittens in very detailed coutfits.

One cat was pure white with a blue cap and blue vest along with a collar that had an icicle shape on it. Another one was light brown with a purple hat and vest. It's collar was a spiral shape. The third one was black with a red hat and vest and a collar with a thunder shape on it.

Ryder: Can I help you?


Chase: SHUT UP.

Skye: Sorry.

White Cat: Well, I'm Frosty.

Light Brown Cat: I'm Dixie.

Black Cat: And I'm Zap.

Cats: We are the Claw Patrol!

Rocky: lol you girls sound so stupid.

Frosty; Anyways, we've come back to Adventure Bay to claim our rightful place as rulers of this island's town!

Marshall: Rulers? lol wut?

Zuma: We can't exactly let you do that.

Frosty: Alright then. Have it your way. Freeze Ray!

Frosty shoots a light blue laser at Ryder, trapping him in a block of ice.

Chase: Ryder!

All of the pups stood still with their jaws dropped to the ground.

Frosty: Now will you listen to our demands?

Rocky: Chase, I beg of you not to say-

Chase: NEVER!!

Rocky: God why me.

Chase: Come on pups! Transform!

Pups: PAW Power!

The pups started to glow brightly, causing the Claw Patrol to shield their eyes from the light.

A second later, the PAW Patrol were all in their gear and ready to go.

Zap: They wanna play THAT way huh? Well fine!

End of Part 1. To Be Continued ... Part 2

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