Previously on Snow and IceEdit

Collette, waiting for her friends return, stumbles upon Iceshard, who was questioning her about the Frozen Heart. Meanwhile, she sucked the Paw Patrol into her Dimension!

Collette peered into the portal. As she watched the Paw Patroler come closer, she knew that there was trouble.


Collette jumped back.

Ryder: Did I hit my head,or are we in the attic? 

Chase: Were in the arctic, all right.

Skye: But how?

Rocky:Who Knows?

Rubble: Grrr all this is causing confusion!

Confused, the Paw Patrol looked at each other.Keena looked as if she bumped her head. Piper stated of into space. Tulip glared over at Sharp Precipice. Marshall, as usual, tripped over something. The clumsy pup tripped over a heart shaped figure.

Marshall:Hey guys, come look at This!

Collette joined them.

Collette:*gasps* That's the Frozen Heart! It powers this dimension. Give it to me!

Collette quickly pounced on it like a cat chasing a mouse.

Zuma: Um, Pup? Who awe you? And why awe you so press over a wittle crystal heart?

Collette:*whispers* disappear disappear please!

Skye: Wow she's even crazier than a crate of crazy cats!

Zuma:Uuuuh, what is she doing?

Drawing all her strength, Collette stomped her paw on the ground, releasing a wave of ice! Then she used her magic to fling snow at them.

Piper:Arf Arf! Snowblower!

Skye:Ruff, Wings!

Skye's wings popped out of her puppack. Piper set the snowblower on high to blow back the Snow.

Collette:Who are you?

Ryder:Were the Paw Patrol!

Chase: No job is to big

Zuma: No pup is to small!

Collette staggered back.

Ryder: Are.....You okay? You seem, uneasy

Collette:No, I'm fine

Collette But right now I need your help. An evil pup .named Iceshard wants to destroy this dimension. And I need your help to protect my homeland. Will you pups, and human help me.

Collette stared at them.


Rubble:You got it!

Chase:Ill lend a paw

Rocky:Fine by me, but this had better not be involved with water.

Collette*giggles* it won't

Zuma:Yeah! ill do it

Skye:Ill help!

Piper::Ill definitely help!

Keena:Ill do it!

Ryder: Ill help to 

The paw patrol and Collette team up to save Collette's dimension. But first they have to find her friends. Find out next episode!

The Glacier Kingdom

Previous EpisodesEdit

The Beginning Part1

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